Bedrock Tree Farm Fir Needle Soy Candles with wooden wicks. Authentic pine, balsam, fir scent. Fresh cut Christmas tree in a jar..3-Tier Counter Display RefillsBedrock Tree Farm Fraser Fir Needle wooden wick Soy Candles, Soaps, and Sea Salt Scrubs

3-Tier Counter Display Refills

3-Tier Counter Display Refills
Included in this package refill set. Each set is the same candles you originally ordered with your display.

3 LSJ21- Libbey Status Jar - 21 oz.

6 LSJ12 - Libbey Status Jar - 12 oz

6 LSJ8 - Libbey Status Jar - 8 oz.

6 LSJ275 - Libbey Status Jar - 2.75 oz

MJ125 set of 12- Mini Candles Shipped in White Cardboard Display - 1.25 oz ea

VH set of 12 - Votive Candles Shipped in White Cardboard Display - 2 oz. ea.
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